ALFRED AI for Real Estate Professionals

AI for Real Estate Professionals

Simply ask ALFReD anything related to real estate, real estate finance, or the latest policy developments, and let our cutting-edge AI technology do the rest.

Goal planning

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Turn complexity into clear insights

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Key Features

Reduce Cost. Increase Productivity.

Market Insights

Choice of daily batches or realtime payouts

Economic Outlook

Ensure payout always go
through with failover capability

Identify Trends

Remove human error with no need for manual ABA uploads

Propriety Data

Payout methods include bank account, Paypal, digital wallets

Complexity Simplified

Arm’s length compliance covering AML, DFAT, and CTF

Real-time News

Seamless and secure onboarding
using graduated checks

How it works

Faster. Better. Stronger.

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Simplify Real Estate, with ALFReD

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Your Intelligent Real Estate Copilot

In 2024, Impact Capitol revolutionized the real estate industry by introducing ALFReD, the first intelligent and comprehensive chatbot. Leveraging cutting-edge generative AI and intelligent RAG technologies, ALFReD provides real-time insights and explanations on complex legal, economic, and regulatory issues using natural language processing.


Key Features

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Impact Capitol has curated a knowledge base of over 5 million documents, encompassing economic, legal, regulatory, and market data. This ensures that ALFReD can answer nearly any question related to real estate markets of all kinds.

Real-Time Updates

Stay current with the latest news and economic releases. ALFReD processes and incorporates new information in near real-time, providing the most up-to-date responses available. All answers are attributed to their sources to avoid misinformation and ensure reliability.

Versatile and Robust

Developed by Impact Capitol, ALFReD offers advanced analytics tailored to the real estate industry’s unique needs. Whether you're involved in residential, commercial, or industrial real estate, ALFReD's versatility supports strategic decision-making across diverse sectors.

Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

With ALFReD, navigate the complex world of real estate effortlessly. Empower yourself with reliable information and make decisions with confidence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our products and services. If you have any additional queries, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Yes. New subscribers get a 14-day free trial.

You can mange your subscription by logging into your billing portal. Once you cancel or pause a subscription, you will lose access to ALFReD.

Send us an email at or head over to our Support Page to submit a ticket.


AI For Real Estate Professionals