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Top Markets for Commercial Real Estate in 2024

May 21, 2024

The commercial real estate market in 2024 is shaping up to be a tale of diverging fortunes across different sectors and geographic markets. While some areas are poised for robust growth, others face significant headwinds. Based on the latest data and expert insights from authoritative sources, here are the top 5 markets projected to produce the most gains for commercial real estate investors in 2024:

1.Industrial/Logistics Markets

  • As discussed in 25 Commercial Real Estate Trends [2024] | CRE Markets & Tech, the industrial sector, particularly logistics spaces, is expected to continue its strong performance in 2024.
  • The top 5 cities with the highest industrial rent growth in 2024 are projected to be Inland Empire, CA (9.5%), Miami, FL (8.9%), Phoenix, AZ (8.7%), Dallas, TX (8.2%), and Atlanta, GA (7.9%).
  • Despite signs of slowing growth, industrial remains a standout sector driven by the e-commerce boom and demand for warehousing and distribution facilities.

2. Multifamily/Rental Housing

  • As highlighted in 25 Commercial Real Estate Trends [2024] | CRE Markets & Tech, high mortgage rates are increasing demand for rentals, benefiting the multifamily sector.
  • The top 5 markets with the highest multifamily rent growth in 2024 are expected to be Miami, FL (8.2%), Orlando, FL (7.9%), Las Vegas, NV (7.8%), Tampa, FL (7.6%), and Jacksonville, FL (7.5%).
  • Investors are increasingly noticing ample opportunity in this sector, especially as rents rise nationwide.

3. Life Sciences/Biotech Hubs

  • As noted in 25 Commercial Real Estate Trends [2024] | CRE Markets & Tech, the life sciences and biotech sectors are gaining momentum, driving demand for specialized real estate.
  • The top 5 life sciences/biotech hubs expected to see strong growth in 2024 are Boston, MA, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, San Diego, CA, Raleigh-Durham, NC, and Philadelphia, PA.
  • These markets benefit from their proximity to leading research institutions, a skilled workforce, and a robust ecosystem of startups and established companies.

4. Opportunity Zones

5. Sunbelt Markets

  • As highlighted in Top and Bottom Metros 4Q 2023: Florida Dominates Tough Quarter, Sunbelt markets, particularly in Florida, are expected to outperform in 2024 despite a challenging fourth quarter in 2023.
  • The top 5 Sunbelt markets projected to see strong commercial real estate gains in 2024 are Miami, FL, Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, and Phoenix, AZ.
  • These markets benefit from robust population growth, economic diversification, and a favorable business climate.

While these projections are based on the latest data and expert analysis, it’s important to note that the commercial real estate market remains fluid, and investors should carefully evaluate individual opportunities and risks. Factors such as interest rates, economic conditions, and local market dynamics can significantly impact performance. As always, thorough due diligence and a well-diversified portfolio are essential for successful commercial real estate investing.

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